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Private Minibus Hire

Norwich – Private Minibus Hire
Planning a day trip from the city of Norwich is a great way to celebrate a birthday or another type of special occasion with family and friends. Of course, you will need to make sure that you have a vehicle that is large enough for everyone to sit comfortably during the trip. When you opt for minibus hire you can select the size of vehicle that best suits your needs such as a Mercedes 16 seater or a Volvo.

The other bonus is that your minibus hire in Norwich will come with a designated driver, which means that you will be able to sit back and enjoy the journey with the rest of the people in your group. This transportation service is very flexible and you can schedule as many different stops during the day as you wish. No matter how long you spend exploring each attraction, the driver will be waiting for you and the other people in your group and will then take you to the next place on your itinerary.

Nature lovers are sure to have a fun day out in the Great Outdoor when they use their transportation to explore the Norfolk Broads. There are lots of excellent hiking and walking trails to explore here and of course the scenery is simply stunning. One of the biggest advantages of having a driver at your disposal here is that they will be able to drive to the end of the trail to pick you up so that you do not have to double back and those who still have plenty of stamina can then enjoy a leisurely drive to the start of the next spectacular trail if they wish before pausing for lunch in a country pub.

Eaten Park is another great place to get back to nature and this large and lovely green zone covers an area of some eighty acres. There are lots of activities that are waiting to be enjoyed here by people of all ages and one of the best ways to explore the park with the little ones is by taking a ride around Eaten Park on the miniature railway.

There are also several other parks that are situated just a short drive from Norwich such as Catton Park, which can be found just to the north of the city. Waterloo Park is also situated nearby and boasts a wide range of different types of attractions to enjoy, while Plantation Gardens is a picturesque Victorian walled garden that comes complete with lush lawns, exciting nature trails to follow and impressive neo Gothic sculptures.

Norfolk also features a dramatic coastline that can be enjoyed by taking a leisurely drive with your minibus hire. The dramatic cliff tops here feature some stunning walking trails and visitors will be able to call to the driver at any time they wish so that they can take a short stroll, while the picturesque golden sands far below are sure to beckon to sun worshippers. On the way back, you can pause at one of the enchanting country houses in the area such as Sandringham to admire the architecture and perhaps indulge in some light refreshments.

Norwich is famous for its vibrant nightlife scene and before calling it a night you can arrange for the last stop to be in the city itself. the driver of your Norwich minibus hire will take you to your choice of restaurant so that you can finish the day with a great meal with family and friends and you can even take in a show at the theatre if you wish and indulge in a few drinks afterwards before being taken home at the end of the night in comfort and style.